WTSG News: What do you take when your house is on fire?

Items to Bring With YouImage

Ever thought about what you might take with you if your house was on fire? Brain Pickings has the digs on a number of people’s responses, all excerpts from the photo book, The Burning House by Foster Huntington. Oh, and there’s also a Tumblr!

Tears for a Boy Detective and a Little Bear

Sad tidings this past week as we say farewell to two more children’s authors: Dan Sobol, creator of the Encyclopedia Brown series and Else Holmelund Minarik, author of the Little Bear books. A heartfelt thank you to these two from me personally, as I loved that boy detective when I was wee (though I don’t ever remember solving any of his mysteries before him) and the show inspired by Ms. Minarik’s books has brought my children immense pleasure (as do the books themselves, though I can’t honestly say they’ve clamored to read them yet).

Learnin’ Comics with a Lunch Lady… Author

This is pretty awesome: Lunch Ladycreator/author/illustrator/fun guy extraordinaire Jarret J. Krosoczka is offering a free virtual comics workshop on September 18, the week after the 8th Lunch Ladybook hits shelves. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in the comics medium. Check out his blog for more info.

Adults Who Read Kids Books

You know who you are! Come out of hiding and hang out with other adults who are interested in the field of Children’s Literature, either professionally or just ’cause. The Chapter & Verse Book Club is the group you’ve been waiting for. If they don’t have a group meeting near you, you can start one of your own or just use their selections to inspire your reading development. Thanks to ShelfTalker for the link.

Local Author Reading!

So here’s a little fun, local news: Kya Aliana, Young Adult Author and local library patron (since the days of her youth, which, technically, she’s still experiencing) will be sharing excerpts from and signing copies of her first published novel, Impending Doom. This one is the first in a series about a small town that experiences an unusual amount of supernatural activity. It’s fun stuff, so come to the Watauga County Library on August 9 @ 2 pm to join in.


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