Island’s Behaving Badly

Sorry, couldn’t resist the title. And no, since there’s technically only one island in this book, that’s no typo 🙂

Graphic Fridays: Bad Island by Doug TenNapel

Another summer tale for you! This time, the frequently retold family-vacation-gone-wrong story, with a SciFi twist 🙂

(3rd-8th grade) The last thing that Reese wants to do this summer is go on a boating trip with his dorky dad, botany-obsessed mother and annoying, snake-loving little sister. He’d rather stay home and play football with his friends and live the supervision-free life that every teenager dreams of. But his dad shoehorns him into going anyway because they all need some “family time.” They get more than they bargained for, however, when a freak storm sinks their ship and leaves them stranded on an uncharted island in the middle of the ocean. The discovery of an ancient artifact takes them on a journey across the island where they encounter acid-sacrificing natives, carnivorous trees, mysterious markings that seem to be telling them something, and a shadowy stranger who stalks them at night- all in the hopes of finding a way home. TenNapel’s perfect pacing, as well as his heavy line work and bright colors, gives readers a visual treat as they follow Reese’s family on their quest. The story itself is a wonderful example of how to balance humor and thrilling action. Though some might find themselves feeling that our heroes get away too easily from a number of situations, no one will mind the escape that this fast-paced adventure story takes them on.

A fan of Indiana Jones but hard-pressed to find anything similar? Check this story out and you won’t be disappointed.


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