Just so you know…

Hi all! Just so you know, this blog was formerly hosted over at Tumblr as thingummywut.tumblr.com. But as organization became an issue for us there, we decided that WordPress might be the home we needed all along. So over the past two days- our “moving days” you might say- I’ve been relocating a lot of our old content to this site. Which is why some of the postings may have references to times already past or seem like there’s a wonky chronology to them. One thing’s for certain- because of this move, it seems like we’ve been mad bloggers over here as we’ve hit 15 posts in less than 24 hours. That won’t be the case anymore. Anyway, I just wanted to make you aware of this and let you know that, from now on, everything will be in a little more order, and a little more regular, over here at Were the Stories Good. Hope you can find some useful stuff and, as always, if you have suggestions for postings, let us know!


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