Sherlock Holmes gets a Comics Makeover

Graphic Fridays– A Study in Scarlet

(Grades 7 & up) A strange man investigates a stranger murder. A red bloodstain proves a red herring. Everyone sees a trail of clues, but only one man sees the trail which holds a pair of boots at its end. Many of you may recognize the classic Sherlock Holmes in this tale, just as many of you will recognize the story in I. N. J. Culbard and Ian Edginton’s graphic adaptation of the novella.

A Study in Scarlet is a great way of introducing junior readers to Sherlock Holmes. Culbard’s long, defined brushstrokes support Edginton’s abridged text. He plays with light and shadow in his art, just as Doyle does in his plot. Though far from overly graphic in depiction of the murders contained in its pages, this graphic novel illustrates details of setting to support its content. A page-turner that will have children deep in the throes of classic literature by the time that they realize the complex web of deception being spun around them, A Study in Scarlet is an excellent merger of traditional literature and the more modern graphic feel.


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