WTSG News: Call me Cookie?

Farewell Margaret Mahy

OK, first off, three things from Fuse #8 because it seems that she has the digs on all the most poignant library-related news:

  1. I know this doesn’t count as good news, but it is important. Margaret Mahy, renowned children’s author has passed away. I haven’t read many of her books but I have loved the odd, quirky flavor of the few that I have read. I particularly love The Great White Man-Eating Shark, which has always turned a smile or two when I use it for story time. So… a fond farewell and a humble thanks to Ms. Mahy for her wonderful contributions to literature and to children around the world.
  2. On a lighter note: did you know there was a connection between Cookie Monster and Carly Rae Jepsen? Yep, there sure is.
  3. Also on a light note… Harry Potter Tarot Cards, anyone?

Docter, Docter, Give Me the News

I love the blog Letters of Note. There is simply no better way to get in to the little details of our culture than by reading the correspondence of some of our most noted figures. Today’s letter comes from Pete Docter, Pixar animator and director of Up! and Monsters Inc. The advice he offers to a group of middle school students is inspiring for all ages and must be shared with anyone in your family who is wondering about their path in life.

Philip C. Stead, Tour Guide of Creativity

You all are reading Design of the Picture Book right? Well, if you aren’t, you should. For one, you get a great, free crash course on the elements of good design and, two, you are introduced to some of the best stuff going on in picture books today. Her latest post discusses Philip C. Stead’s newest book A Home For Bird and all its beauty, particularly its brilliant color. Not only that, though, she also links to an old (well, sorta old) discussion that Mr. Stead shared on the very fun and informative blog Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. In this discussion, the author takes us through the process of creating a picture book from the ground up and officially schools anyone who thought that writing and drawing for kids was for people who couldn’t hack it as adult authors (my words, not Philip’s, there is nothing confrontational about his post, nor am I attempting to be in any way). Consider it a must read.

Locally Speaking: Teen Author Visits Library

I’ve posted about this before but since Kya Aliana is a patron of my library and a personal friend, everyone should know that she is visiting our library on August 9 @ 2 pm to sign and read from her first novel, Impending Doom. I think this is a great opportunity for those young, aspiring authors out there to meet and pick the brain of someone who is really making an excellent go of living her dream. Should be inspiring :-).


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