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Hi all! Just so you know, this blog was formerly hosted over at Tumblr as thingummywut.tumblr.com. But as organization became an issue for us there, we decided that WordPress might be the home we needed all along. So over the past two days- our “moving days” you might say- I’ve been relocating a lot of our old content to this site. Which is why some of the postings may have references to times already past or seem like there’s a wonky chronology to them. One thing’s for certain- because of this move, it seems like we’ve been mad bloggers over here as we’ve hit 15 posts in less than 24 hours. That won’t be the case anymore. Anyway, I just wanted to make you aware of this and let you know that, from now on, everything will be in a little more order, and a little more regular, over here at Were the Stories Good. Hope you can find some useful stuff and, as always, if you have suggestions for postings, let us know!


Working Title Shorts

This post is an old one from our old blog, but since I’ve been moving all our content from there to here, I just had to share this again. Fun stuff from fun people…

Friday, April 20, brought some fun and interesting shared stories penned by a group of talented individuals who are still trying to figure out what exactly transpired that such words should touch paper. Read on for the brief, albeit wonderful bits of wisdom which are truly anything but.

He Only Plays for Tips Now

There once was a creature. This creature was feared by all but afraid of all. Except for one girl whose spirit matched his own, or so he thought. He focused on her, his mind wandering to places it hadn’t ventured in years. For some reason, he found himself thinking of the time he spent playing trumpet for a cantina in the Bahamas. His memories swirled like the swirling voices of the musical group: his trumpet, a brash and fruitless love, the accompanying clarinets, the chatter in the café where Continue reading

Summertime And the Living is… Horrifying?

Graphic Fridays- Brain Camp by Susan Kim, Laurence Klavan, & Faith Erin Hicks

(Grades 8-12) Jenna and Lucas are losers- at least that’s what their parents think. So when they send them to Camp Fielding (“America’s best new educational summer camp!”) for the summer, the hope is that they’ll return ready to go to Yale, or at least pass the SAT with flying colors. But something amiss is going on at Camp Fielding. Why are some campers failing miserably at the strange, higher-level-thinking activities while others are succeeding beyond expectations? Why are those who are doing well acting a little too much like zombies- really smart zombies? And why are some campers disappearing in the middle of the night, after they try the odd, pink-colored ice cream at dinner? These and more questions abound as Jenna and Lucas form a reluctant friendship to figure out what’s going on. The odds are stacked against them, however, Continue reading

Island’s Behaving Badly

Sorry, couldn’t resist the title. And no, since there’s technically only one island in this book, that’s no typo 🙂

Graphic Fridays: Bad Island by Doug TenNapel

Another summer tale for you! This time, the frequently retold family-vacation-gone-wrong story, with a SciFi twist 🙂

(3rd-8th grade) The last thing that Reese wants to do this summer is go on a boating trip with his dorky dad, botany-obsessed mother and annoying, snake-loving little sister. He’d rather stay home and play football with his friends and live the supervision-free life that every teenager dreams of. But his dad shoehorns him into going anyway because they all need some “family time.” They get more than they bargained for, however, when a freak storm sinks their ship and Continue reading

Janet Lee’s Wonderfully Dapper Tale

Graphic Fridays: Return of the Dapper Men by Jim McCann; illustrated by Janet Lee

(Grades 4 & Up) Tick… tock… tick… tock… Click. Time has stopped on the world of Anorev and the inhabitants, caught in a day with no sunset, have forgotten their purpose. The machines that live above ground keep plodding away at pointless tasks and the children, who can never grow old, have moved underground to their own, demented Neverland. Endless play, endless work; an unpalatable staleness perpetuates the world and no one wonders if there is anything else. Except for Ayden and Zoe, two young companions: one human, one robot. They have a feeling that behind the baited breath of their world there is something waiting to happen- if they could only figure out what. Then, with the clanging of an immense clock, Continue reading

Hera’s Glory

Graphic Fridays: Hera: The Goddess and Her Glory by George O’Connor

The third installment in this ongoing series about the fabled Olympians, Hera is probably the best yet. And that’s saying something: the others are Good.

When Zeus takes on Hera as his first (and only) wife, he gets a whole lot more than he bargained for. Unlike his previous queens (none of which he ever married), Hera refuses to tolerate his straying ways and exacts justice on Zeus and his mistresses in creative ways. She is particularly annoyed at one of Zeus’ most famous children: Heracles (or Hercules, as many of us know him). It is the relationship between these two characters that is the driving force behind the plot of this book.

In return for nursing him as a baby and saving his life, Hera requires that, as an adult, Heracles must suffer twelve labors in order to take his place on Olympus with the rest of the gods. And so the story of these labors unfolds and we, as readers, Continue reading

Amelia Rules: If ‘Peanuts’ Went to Middle School

Graphic Fridays- Amelia Rules! Superheroes by Jimmy Gownley

Superheroes is the third book in the Amelia Rules! series and although it is not the latest, it is possibly my favorite- and an excellent jumping on point for any of you wishing to start reading this series, which I recommend that you do if you like wonderful characters, solid writing, snortin’ good humor, and heart-wrenching moments all rolled into one. And who doesn’t? All zombies reading this post, refrain from replying, please. I see you out there, don’t think I don’t!

As Amelia says in the first couple pages, “There is nothing in the world like the last day of school… it feels like time is standing still.” She and her friends are on the cusp of summer vacation and all the breathy magic that entails. Continue reading