Charlie Parker Played Be-Bop

Charlie Parker Played Be Bop by Chris Raschka

This week’s selection is not one that I have ever read aloud for story time but there aren’t enough fingers in my whole family to count the number of times that I’ve shared this one with my two-year-old son. I actually checked it out on the recommendation of a patron. This person is also amidst the challenge of raising a two-year-old and shared the secret of this book’s power with me. Now I am passing it along to you:

Toddlers LOVE this book. Period.

(You can tell I’m being serious because, as you can plainly see, there are three periods in that statement.)

I don’t know what the magic is behind it, but I can promise you it’s there. As soon as you get through the first two pages, the previous squalling that your littl’un was holding your ears prisoner with ceases. Then the rhythm of the book (be bop, fisk fisk, lollipop, boomba boomba, bus stop, zznn zznn) carries them through to the end, where they will most likely ask you to start over. Continue reading