Working Title Shorts

This post is an old one from our old blog, but since I’ve been moving all our content from there to here, I just had to share this again. Fun stuff from fun people…

Friday, April 20, brought some fun and interesting shared stories penned by a group of talented individuals who are still trying to figure out what exactly transpired that such words should touch paper. Read on for the brief, albeit wonderful bits of wisdom which are truly anything but.

He Only Plays for Tips Now

There once was a creature. This creature was feared by all but afraid of all. Except for one girl whose spirit matched his own, or so he thought. He focused on her, his mind wandering to places it hadn’t ventured in years. For some reason, he found himself thinking of the time he spent playing trumpet for a cantina in the Bahamas. His memories swirled like the swirling voices of the musical group: his trumpet, a brash and fruitless love, the accompanying clarinets, the chatter in the café where Continue reading