The Watauga County Library Youth Services Staff has been serving the youth of North Carolina’s High Country for many years now. It’s only been recently, however, that we’ve decided to take our efforts online. The goal for this blog is to connect parents and children with high quality children’s literature that will enrich their lives. We share reviews of books we love, resources for parents that we think are useful, and library-related news and links. Basically we want you to interact with a book, be asked “Were the stories good?” and be able to reply, “You bet they were!”

Have any advice for us? Book-related news? Tips for great reads? Got a story or poem that you wrote and want to share? Just need to chat with well-educated, friendly, caring- and humble- individuals? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave comments on all of our postings or to send us an email at tgummywut@gmail.com.

Just so you know: that email name comes from the title of our youth literary magazine, The Thingummywut, now in its third year. We will occasionally post stories, poems, and artwork from this magazine, just to share them with the greater world, since we think they’re pretty excellent. To protect the young authors and artists, however, we will not share their names when we do this. If you see some of your work on this blog and would like credit for it (and have your parents permission to take such credit), please let us know. If it doesn’t matter to you, then just know that we know who you are and think you’re just as excellent as your work :-).


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