6 Years Later…

Well, it’s been a minute. So much has happened in the past 6 years that it’s hard to list everything. Highlights: I’m now a school librarian and I have a beard.

I also know that absolutely no one is reading this so basically I am, quite literally, shouting into the void right now. How sad that so many people won’t know about my beard.

All that said, I am making an attempt to return to writing reviews in order to help people make a connection with a good story. As a school librarian, 99.7% of these posts will be devoted to helping the students and teachers at my school find a book that they can use to suit their needs, either academic or recreational. However, the stories I will share (and for that matter, most stories) are universal. So everyone, no matter their background, should find something here they connect with. So no matter how you wound your way here, welcome. I hope you find that the Stories Were, Are, and Always will be Good.

See you next Friday with an actual review. That is free of beard jokes. Maybe.



Hi all. I apologize for the absence of postings over the past few days. I was recently hired by a local elementary school to be their new school media coordinator and the changeover process has been taking up most of my time. I do plan on continuing with the blog, but it may be a few more days before regular posts pick up again. Thanks for stopping by! As a bookmark until I return, I present you with a picture of the best book I’ve read all summer:

Sara Pennypacker, my hat is off to you. This is some of the best writing I’ve read in a while. It’s one of those rare books that displays a true understanding of people, the things we keep bottled up inside, and how it comes busting out in awkward, unexpected ways. It’s also a book about connections and how we need them to feel alive. So yeah… read this book if you’re a fan of things that are excellent :-).

Beginning Top Ten-ing

Worst title I’ve come up with yet? Perhaps… Anyway, I was going to try and do a quick WTSG newsflash for my posting today but I couldn’t pull together any fascinating news at the last minute. Also, we’ve been somewhat busy this evening and despite the fact that I enjoy blogging, patrons take priority. So, for a quick posting, just to try and stay regular, I thought I might share my first Top Ten list. I was inspired the other day when I heard about this fun blog called The Broke and the Bookish. They do a cool thing called Top Ten Tuesdays where they choose a different theme every Tuesday and then fill out the list with items that fit the theme (all book related of course). The coolest part is that they invite other bloggers to join in the fun and post their lists to the site. This week, just to get a list out there on this site, I won’t be participating in their theme. Instead, I’ll simply post my Top Ten Picture books, since that fits the more Continue reading

Music in the Shelves

Sometimes I think that as librarians, one of the things we truly love are shelves. This seems like a silly concept, of course, but stay with me a moment. Books are great, stories are great, sharing with others is a great thing; these three things combined are probably, in fact, three of the main reasons that all of us out there who pursue this noble profession decided to do so. But once inside, we find other little pleasures that we can’t help but fall in love with. For me (and, I think, for all of you probably) among these things, these pleasures of the job, are the shelves in the library. Now of course, there is the physical aspect of the shelves, which, honestly speaking, are not always the most attractive in terms of outright beauty. At least in a regular library. Most of us are used to Continue reading

Friends with Boys: Meta-High School with a Ghostly Twist

Graphic Fridays- Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks

(9th grade & up) When it comes to books that take place in high school, one is often faced with two distinct story types: you either get the idealized, everybody is friends and graduation is the great happily ever after, or you get the gritty realism where all the cliques are at war and people genuinely hate each other, pick on each other and do their best to humiliate each other… like people so often do. Every now and then, however, you get a book that falls between these two poles. Faith Erin Hicks’ webcomic-to-printed-piece Friends with Boys (First Second Books) is one of those kind of books. It’s a story that recognizes the bitter truth of high school: that people generally don’t get along and that there is a very real hierarchy in which everyone has their place. But it is also somewhat Continue reading

And then there are days when…

…you get paid to make a tree of books. It’s hard to complain about being a librarian, isn’t it?Image

Our Friends of the Library are hosting the upcoming High Country Festival of the Book and they needed a tabletop display for a children’s table. Not my most shining achievement as a youth librarian… well, not even top 10 (or 20) really… but it’s still good to know that I work at a place that appreciates creativity of the… leafy kind.

WTSG News: Call me Cookie?

Farewell Margaret Mahy

OK, first off, three things from Fuse #8 because it seems that she has the digs on all the most poignant library-related news:

  1. I know this doesn’t count as good news, but it is important. Margaret Mahy, renowned children’s author has passed away. I haven’t read many of her books but I have loved the odd, quirky flavor of the few that I have read. I particularly love The Great White Man-Eating Shark, which has always turned a smile or two when Continue reading