Music in the Shelves

Sometimes I think that as librarians, one of the things we truly love are shelves. This seems like a silly concept, of course, but stay with me a moment. Books are great, stories are great, sharing with others is a great thing; these three things combined are probably, in fact, three of the main reasons that all of us out there who pursue this noble profession decided to do so. But once inside, we find other little pleasures that we can’t help but fall in love with. For me (and, I think, for all of you probably) among these things, these pleasures of the job, are the shelves in the library. Now of course, there is the physical aspect of the shelves, which, honestly speaking, are not always the most attractive in terms of outright beauty. At least in a regular library. Most of us are used to Continue reading


And then there are days when…

…you get paid to make a tree of books. It’s hard to complain about being a librarian, isn’t it?Image

Our Friends of the Library are hosting the upcoming High Country Festival of the Book and they needed a tabletop display for a children’s table. Not my most shining achievement as a youth librarian… well, not even top 10 (or 20) really… but it’s still good to know that I work at a place that appreciates creativity of the… leafy kind.